Review: Tales of the Fish Patrol

Tales of the Fish Patrol
Tales of the Fish Patrol by Jack London
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a book that I read on my Kindle to the kids at bedtime. It’s taken quite a while, because their mom usually reads to them at bedtime. I enjoyed this book, but the kids received it with mixed reviews. When we finished tonight, Braedi asked if there was a second book, and Dyllan cheered that it was finally over.

One thing I enjoyed about the book is that it is believable. There’s just enough detail that you can immerse yourself in the setting, but no too much to overwhelm you with the detail. We learned about different kinds of ships, different forms of fishing, and different geographical formations, like a bight.

The book is a series of short stories about a young man who works with the fish patrol capturing poachers. He has several scary run ins with shady characters, some of which wanted to take his life for interfering in their illegal fishing. Throughout, the theme of justice prevails, and especially in the second to last story we get to see a nice dose of mercy mixed in.

My rating of 3 stars likely shows how much I was affected by the kids’ mixed reception. I really enjoyed the stories and plan to read more of London’s books this summer.

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