Review: The Origin of Species

The Origin of Species
The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is an extensive work that deserves a big write-up. It will have to wait. I want to study it out more before I offer my opinions.

What I will say for now is how much I enjoyed Darwin’s approach. The man studied, experimented, studied more, experimented more, corroborated with others (who sent him data and specimens), which he studied and experimented with even more, and wrote his findings. I surely left out a few steps, but I was amazed by Darwin’s vast knowledge of the natural world. The fact that so much of his data was collected first-hand also amazed me. It would have been a blast to spend a day with him while he gathered seeds from the ground, studied earthworms in the barn, boiled down bird skulls to ready them for measurement, and shared his stories from journeying on the HMS Beagle.

Darwin wasn’t able to sway me from my belief in Creationism; however, my eyes did open to how much evolution has occurred in the world. I learned a lot and I am interested in learning more from Darwin.

More to follow…

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