Review: Cleansing of America, The

Cleansing of America, The
Cleansing of America, The by W. Cleon Skousen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My knowledge about the events leading up to Christ’s return is lacking. Fear and uncertainty dominated my reaction to many of the prophecies: wars and rumors of wars, violence, natural disasters, etc.

Consequently, I will refrain from commenting too much about this book. Many ideas explained in this book reasonably contributed to the study of events preceding the Second Coming, while a few others seemed odd, possibly due to overly literal interpretations of scriptures and prophecies.

The main reason that I gave this book 4 stars is that it pulled me away from the fear and confusion that I felt about this topic. The first chapter discusses the prophesied calamities and events, but the next six chapters explain how the principles of the Constitution will prove key in restoring order, security, and prosperity.

Two topics discussed by Skousen that I enjoyed most were his discussion of sound economics/monetary policy and the structure and workings of a Zion society. Both of these topics have been confused by the words of influential men. These misunderstandings contribute greatly to policies and beliefs that erode the foundations of liberty and prosperity originally put in place by the Founding Fathers.

Finally, I enjoyed this book because of the sentiment expressed in Skousen’s final words of the last chapter:

I am so grateful to know the gospel is back on the Earth. I am thankful that God has revealed so much to give us courage for the difficult days that lie ahead, knowing that if we are in our places doing what we should be doing, all will be well. All will be well!

Fear gives way to peace with the understanding that the chaos and destruction of Armageddon and other catastrophic events were prophesied. God and God’s prophets have foreseen these things. They are part of God’s plan for His children on Earth. If we live in accordance with His law, He will take care of us, and as Skousen said, “All will be well.”

I find great comfort in that.

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