Review: The Business of LIFE: How You Can Prosper In The Information Age

The Business of LIFE: How You Can Prosper In The Information Age
The Business of LIFE: How You Can Prosper In The Information Age by Chris Brady
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great book. Primarily, it teaches about how to build a business in LIFE, but the true treasure is found in the principles behind that message.

These principles vitally important in a time of so much suffering and struggling. Failed relationships, depression, dissatisfaction with employment, and economic uncertainty are just a few of those struggles on the rise.

Many people ask themselves questions like: How can I make more money? How will I meet my financial obligations? How can I improve my relationships with others?

This book offers answers to those questions. It offers the opportunity to change the way you think about income, team building, and giving back to the community. It teaches about the satisfaction that comes with rising to the call of leadership and helping others become leaders too. It also teaches you to dream big and strive for those dreams.

One of the paragraphs I underlined while reading this book states:

To build a business that focuses on helping people accomplish their financial goals and dreams in life is a special kind of reward all in itself. But it is not easy, automatic, or overnight. That is why dreams are so important. The lure of a better tomorrow and the rewards of accomplishment are necessary to pull one ahead into the battle.

We desperately need more individuals willing to fight this battle. We need more self-educated individuals armed with principle and willing to stand for something good and positive. And we really need those individuals to spread that education and conviction to those around them.

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