Review: Voyage of a Viking

Voyage of a Viking
Voyage of a Viking by Tim Marks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tim Marks is an excellent leader, but he didn’t start that way. In his book, Tim tells his story. His past is filled with struggles and disappointment, but he always pushed forward.

Unfortunately, he forged on without regard for the value of other individuals, their opinions, or their feelings.

One of the greatest characteristics that Tim has developed is humility. Through his humility (which largely came from his testimony of Christ), Tim was able to begin recognizing his faults. He sought answers in good books, the Bible, a leadership community, and personal mentors.

And here’s what really sets Tim apart. In fact, it is a distinguishing characteristic of anyone who is truly successful. Tim acted on the impressions and suggestions he received.

To me, this was the most powerful message in Voyage of a Viking. I need to stop enjoying good materials or simply being entertained by inspirational stories. I need to have the courage and integrity to put the principles I learn into practice and start working for results.

Tim has inspired me to do so.

I HIGHLY recommend that everyone read this book, to feel of Tim Marks’ spirit, and to identify the next thing to improve in our own lives and DO it.

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