Review: Do You Really Need a JOB? Reasons Why I Don’t Think So and What You Can Do About It

Do You Really Need a JOB? Reasons Why I Don't Think So and What You Can Do About It
Do You Really Need a JOB? Reasons Why I Don’t Think So and What You Can Do About It by P.C. Ejeke
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

One of my goals is to read more, and I like to download free books on my Kindle to make sure I always have something to read-whether I’m in line at the grocery store, waiting in an office, or riding the elevator to the cafeteria at work.

That’s how I found this book.

Having recently started to build a leadership and financial development business with LIFE opened my eyes to the differences between working as an employee or self-employed vs. earning income through investments or systems-based businesses. This concept is explained well by Robert Kiyosaki in his book Cashflow Quadrant.

Ejeke explains that idea in his book Do You Really Need a JOB? and adds his perspective to the discussion of the risks and benefits of escaping traditional employment in favor of building your own business. He identifies some tools to aid those who specifically choose to build online businesses. Ejeke also gives examples of job opportunities of which most individuals might not be aware.

There are some good nuggets of info in this book, but overall the delivery is poor. Often, the tone is pretentious, as if everyone who chooses to work in corporate america is less intelligent than those who chose self-employment or home-based businesses. The formatting, grammar, and structure in this book are amateurish. I wouldn’t recommend paying for this book, because there are much better sources for this type of information.

That is my honest assessment, but I have to add that I think Ejeke has a lot going for him that can contribute to huge success. How many of us who take time to read books and type out a review or share our thoughts about those books have taken the time and made the risk to write a book of our own? Ejeke did, and English isn’t even his native language! I truly hope he writes again and works with an editor to deliver a more polished book.

We definitely need more people who think out of the box and are willing to take intelligent risks in order to become great!

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