Review: President Ronald Reagan’s Initial Actions Project

President Ronald Reagan's Initial Actions Project
President Ronald Reagan’s Initial Actions Project by White House Staff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Initial Actions Project (IAP) is a document spelling out Reagan’s philosophy and plan of action for his first 100 days in office.

I liked many of the economic principles. I loved the lessons about effective leadership. Specifically, in a time of arrogant, self-interested politicians, the IAP conveys humility. The plan shows great concern for involving other politicians, constituents, and appropriate agencies while maintaining a firm resolve for Reagan to take the helm and assume ultimate responsibility for the course of the Nation.

I appreciate that this wasn’t just some partisan drivel. In fact, the author of the introduction speaks favorably of Clinton’s economic leadership. The IAP also cites trends of past presidents without regard to their political party. The plan seems sincerely interested in taking the good and learning from the mistakes of others.

I personally have a problem with the idea of criticizing government for being too big and expensive while simultaneously planning to drastically increase military presence, intelligence gathering, and foreign aid. It seems a bit ironic. However, I also wonder what would have happened in the Cold War with a different president at the helm. I lack enough understanding of what transpired in that time to make an educated assessment.

Overall, I think this is an interesting and important document for those serving in or aspiring to leadership positions.

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