Review: 1913

1913 by Oliver DeMille
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Yet another amazing book by Oliver DeMille. DeMille is so obviously keyed into his purpose, and his years and years of intense preparation, study, and experience allow him to deliver the message of liberty with clarity and accuracy.

The most important point I took from this book is that freedom can only exist when the people care enough to study out the issues and remain vigilant. DeMille writes:

Another simple reality is this: When people lose their freedoms in such a system, it is always the people, not the system, which have failed. The people have all the power, but they must choose to exercise it.

DeMille explains three major events that occurred in 1913 that derailed America from its foundation of liberty. These are the creation of the Federal reserve and the passing of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments. These were followed by the ruling of United States v. Butler in 1936 which lambasted constitutional limitations on the federal government.

It is essential that we understand why these events are so damaging to freedom and prosperity, but I’ll direct you to the book to learn more. Do yourself a favor and read this book. It is such a pleasure to learn from Oliver DeMille, because he will never stop with identifying the problems. He always offers solutions.

In 1913, DeMille builds on the ideas he wrote about in his book FreedomShift. (Also a must read for anyone concerned with liberty and government.) In short, there must be an increase in entrepreneurship, self-directed education including voracious reading, and community building that participates in leadership development. Without these changes, the American legacy of liberty and prosperity will continue to erode.

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